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Flood Gate Kennels Adoption Contracts 

All of are puppies sold with a spay/Neuter contract that will be signed at the time you take your puppy home. We will discuss the option of breeding rights with anyone interested but this should be discussed prior to pick up date and will require a different screening process. 




Spay/Neuter Agreement



D.O.B: ___________________________
 Puppy's Name (collar color):                                          Sire x Dam:

This paper is to act as a receipt and spay/neuter contract. It is to prove that you, the buyer, has paid for said puppy described on this receipt. Permanent ownership of this puppy is contingent upon your compliance with this agreement.
The breeding of our dogs WITHOUT breeding rights is not an option. By purchasing a Goldendoodle puppy, you are hereby agreeing to spay/neuter your puppy within 18 months and NOT to breed your Goldendoodle. Our bloodline of Goldendoodles is of great importance to us and we selectively breed for health and temperament; we therefore require additional testing, and breeding control over our line. We will pursue any legal action available if you decided not to honor the agreement detailed below. It is the responsibility of the BUYER, not the veterinarian, to ensure that Flood Gate Kennels has received verification that the surgery has been performed.

By my signature below, I agree to have this puppy spayed/neutered by no later than 18 months of age and I understand that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this puppy will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. You also agree that should puppy not be spayed/ neutered that you will return said puppy back to Flood Gate Kennels with no refund for purchase price, or that Flood Gate Kennels has the right to seize said puppy back from the buyer. 

*Buyer's Signature: __________________________________________ Seller's Initial's:_______

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