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Flood Gate Kennels policy information 

Waiting List & Our Puppy Picking Process


If interested in one of our puppies we will first need you to fill out our puppy application. Once the application has been approved you may place a waiting list deposit.  The waiting list deposit amount is $150.00. This amount will go toward the total purchase amount of your puppy. Before placing the waiting list deposit we will inform you of upcoming litters and a time frame to expect your new puppy. Depending on your desired puppy this could be from 1-6 months. 

Once a litter is born we will send out our announcements to all the families on our waiting list. Our announcements contain: litter count, gender, coloring and pictures. If you would like a puppy from the litter born you will need to place another $150.00 deposit to hold a puppy from that litter. 


The first deposit placed on a female or male pup will have first pick in their selected gender. The second deposit received will have second pick in their selected gender and so on. We do our best to send out weekly updates and will send pictures of all the pups as often as we are able.


We do not allow families to choose their particular pup until the pups are at least 6 weeks old.  At this age you will be able to see their little personalities and their coat type.

The puppy selection process is based on, order of received deposits after the puppies are born.

Most puppies are reserved within the first week. When placing a deposit please confirm your picking position before you send any monies. No puppies are picked before the litter is six weeks old.

At the litters six week birthday, we invite families to come out one at a time. We request you wear clothing for playing in the yard. We bring out the puppies for play and interaction. We can answer any questions about each pup you may have. At this time you pick your new puppy.

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